Tanisha Chambers is a Philadelphia “Philly,” Pennsylvania born native of Jamaican heritage. As a young child, Tanisha could often be found writing short stories and poetry. As an adult, she fell in love with writing children’s books after seeing life through the lens of her five-year-old sister, Zuri.

Tanisha is ecstatic about her journey so far, and building a brand that will be around for years to come. She is a self-published author who believes reading and writing can open minds to so much of the world around us, and take your imagination to another realm.

Tanisha’s first book “Zuri and the Monster” was released in April 2017. The book explores a child’s fear and the imaginative stories children make up in their heads.The series continued when the second book “Zuri’s Day of Prank” made its debut in August 2018. “Zuri’s Day of Pranks” is about Zuri and her brothers learning lessons about playing pranks.

Tanisha is currently working on her third book in the Zuri Adventure Series…More details coming soon, so STAY TUNED!