Is it Important to Talk about Fear?


For years, I have known there to be something missing from my life and for a long time, I did not know what it could be. It is not until years after finishing college and writing my first children’s book that I finally figured out what it was. It was my fear of failure that kept me always wondering and yearning, but not having a clue what it was that I was missing. I realized that after graduating High school, I did what I was told or you can say what was suggested, depending on who tells the story… (lol).. Which was to go to school and get a degree in accounting that is where the money is my mother always told me. Today I realized that those fears were the fears of my parent, after years of working and not seeing away out other than working a 9-5. She pushed those fears on me hoping college and getting a job would take me further in life then her.

I do understand that it was her wanting me to have a fulfilled and successful life. However, what if I would have went in my own direction? Although I cannot go back and change anything, it’s a thought that has crossed my mind.

So the question is it important to talk to kids about fear? I would definitely say yes! By talking to a child about their fears you can get to the root of why they have those fears and how can you help them overcome those fears. Which in my case my parent pushed her own fears on to me which in turn  made me nervous about the unknown and taking a leap of faith.

That is why when I read my first children’s book “Zuri and the Monster” at the end I talk about fears and ways they could overcome those fears in hopes to make them understand that sometimes in life you may be fearful of trying something new, but that is OK. Sometimes in life you have to do it afraid! I share what made me fearful of writing my children’s book and how still to this day I get nervous, and even though I am nervous my mission and purpose is far greater.

So will you change the narrative of your story and face your fears?!?!

 Step on Helping Your Child With Fears!

  1. Ask what are you afraid of?
  2. Why are you afraid of ____________ (Ex. Bugs)
  3. How can I help you overcome those fears?
  4. Would you like us to overcome your fears together?
  5. Now that we have overcome your fears together, how do you feel?


Create your very own Fear or Dream Box!

Instructions: Create and decorate your very own fear or dream. Once box has been completed, you should either write all the things that you are fearful of and bury your box. By burying your box you have sworn to not hold on to your fears. If you are creating your dream box, by creating this box you are envisioning all of your hopes and dreams! By doing so you are putting in the universe all of your desires.    


  • You can use a shoe box or a wooden box
  • Construction paper
  • Tape or Glue
  • Stickers
  • Googly eyes
  • Scissors
  • Other supplies as needed
  • Have fun and enjoy



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  • Your mother’s projection on your future definitely sounds like that of many parents. Love the idea of the dream box. Definitely doing that with my daughter. Also, parents helping their children through their fears might also reveal underlying fears that that parent might have that could be holding them back which they never really thought about.

    • Kim L.