How to Publish Your First Book

Are you thinking about writing a children book? Well why haven’t you started yet? Sometimes fear or not knowing where to start can hold us back from doing something that we always dreamed of doing. Well here are a few things and information to get you started. Start out by buying and reading children books, how can you know what you are getting yourself into if you don’t purchase and read the books that you want to successful produce? So for months I read different children book from Dr sesus to “One Love” by Bob Marley’s daughter. Looked at every detail that you could imagine; sizing, color, publishers and even who illustrated the book for the author. All of those aspects matter spend time researching popular books checking out there website, seeing what it was that made them successful and popular. After gathering and looking over books start the hard stuff. But, before you get into this please note this process may sound easy but it can be really stressful journey. So make Google your best friend!
Luckily I had my children book completed before I started my research, by reading articles and listening to the pros about the key things you need to know. Start by finding an editor to edit your story and find either a company that publishes and has illustrator on staff to help with that process or find separate company that does one of the tasks. I know I know, so much to do and you only have yourself to do all the work. So write a to-do list and take your time. So the first thing is to start looking for a publisher. Ideally you want a company that can do everything in one shot with. I started reaching out to publishers not really sure which one to go with. This process got frustrating because I realized that some publisher wanted you to have a literary agent to even correspond to inquiries. Really? It was this high society club that you couldn’t even get in and the quickest way in was having the right connections. This was very disappointing for a while; however things would change and look up eventually.
Months pasted and one day I so happen to run into a children’s author and illustrator and started to pick his brain and explained that I too was interested in being an author but found it more difficult than expected and he suggested to try create space. So that night I looked into create space and called customer service and started asking how everything worked. They were very helpful and pleasant and the biggest plus was that you did not have to put any funds down. This was exciting news and was relieved by this news and knew from here would be easier. Well, not exactly. Still did not have an illustrator for my book. So, start looking at students taking graphic design classes and are in vocational schools that specialized in graphic arts. However none seemed to work or stick. Eventually went back to the drawing board and started googling and came across sites that offer freelance illustrators. Here are a few,, etc, so just do your homework and find what works best for you. For me an illustrator that was diverse in their drawing and understanding that this was all new for me. It took me about a week to find the perfect illustrator that would accomplish the task and designs I wanted for my story. She has now become a friend and we have challenged each other to grow in our craft/field.
So the most important step in self-publishing is to research, research, and research. Also do not rush the process. The more time and effort that you put in your research the more positive results you will see back. Know that when self-publishing success does not happen overnight! You have to network and market your on merchandise when using this method, so make sure you’re ready to put all your efforts and dedication into what you have created. Although I am not where I would like to be with my book, I am still making headway and believing in the story that I wrote. Never give up!
Top Steps
  1. Research
  2. Find editor
  3. Find publisher
  4. Find illustrator
  5. Create website
  6. Market you book
  7. Always believe in yourself

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