Change Through Books

For the last three year I have been an independent children’s author writing books about my black sister. Being a black author, I found a need for black representation and even more now in the wake of the Black Lives Matter Movement and all of the killings that have been going on across America. It’s not until now that I really put things into perspective. How can we grow as a culture and understand one another, if black stories are not be shared? How can we break racism, discrimination or the basis that many have of the black culture? That is why I think it is really important that by introducing books by black authors and that feature black representation in a positive successful light, can shape are white America.
We will not break barriers until white America becomes the change of letting go racism that has haunted us for 400 plus years. So, I ask anyone reading this article, how can you be the change that you want to see? How and what does these conversations look like with your kids about racism and or having black friends? How can you use your voice and stand against racism? What does being an ally mean? How can we be a more inclusive America? I am not saying things will change automatically but I do think that one change a day, is moving in the right direction.

Steps in Leading the Way to Being More Diverse

  1. Talk to your child about race
  2. Read books where black characters are the main character
  3. Introduce your child to a diverse environment
  4. Answer any difficult questions they may have about race/racism
  5. Be the example

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