Can Boys Read Girls Books?


Over the last couple of months, I have received a lot of questions about can boys read girl book? When I think of this question it really make me think… why couldn’t boys read girls books? The reason being, many people don’t ask should girls read boy books? Why is that?  Why is reading boy books not frowned upon nor does anyone question the message they are sending to little girls.

So when I respond to this question my answer is simply of course! Why do people think that boys cannot read girls books? What is the rationale? Why do we have the perception that our girls can read books where the protagonist is a boy and the storyline may fit for a boy but, we cannot share books that the protagonist is a girl? What kind of message are we sharing with our kids? It’s like teaching boys pink is for girls and blue is for boys. What would happen if boys wore pink and girls wore blue? I believe that by showing this negative perception we are teaching boys that they should dislike anything that includes girls. Are we truly being inclusive to the message and the feeling of our young girls?

I recently wrote a book named Beauty Defined by Me a book that is to uplift, encourage and empower our young beauties. Although this book was created for young girls I believe this book will show little boys how to treat little girls and give the some insight on how to care and love from another perspective. The world for far too long as condemn boys to not feel their emotions, be sensitive and have a stigma that boys should do manly things, while girls should find womanly things to do. As we can see the world is changing and the roles that a boy verse girls does is not bound to one thing.

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